Benefits of Building a Home During the Summer

If you’re considering a new-home build, you may be wondering what time of year is best to start this project. When you choose to complete the construction will affect your entire process, so you want to select the best season. Consider the following benefits of construction projects in the summer. Once you understand the benefits of building homes during the summer, the choice will be clear.

Extended daylight hours

Summer offers long days with a lot of daylight hours. Since construction typically takes place during the day, summer provides more time to work on your project. Builders can maximize this time to get your project done faster, so your home is completed sooner. The extra hours also provide a buffer in case challenges arise. The builder can use the additional daylight to catch up on progress, so your construction stays on schedule.

Quicker drying times

A lot of construction projects require drying of materials. Mortar, paint and adhesives all must dry before contractors can move on to the next step of construction. During the summer, the warm temperatures and extra sunlight help these materials dry more quickly. This means the entire project can be done more efficiently, and you can get in your new home faster.

Perfect planning time

Building homes during the summer perfectly positions your schedule to use winter and spring for planning your project. Since these seasons are less ideal for building, you can use this time to work through the planning stages of your home construction. Meet with architects, finalize floor plans, select finishes and more. Then when summer arrives, you will be ready to break ground and move quickly through the construction phases of building your dream home.

Soft, workable dirt

Have you ever tried to excavate ground during the winter? One of the benefits of construction projects in the summer is easier excavation. Contractors won’t have to worry about frozen ground that can delay progress or make it impossible to proceed. The ground will be thawed and workable due to the summer temperatures.

Safer site conditions

Summer offers the most stable weather and site conditions. There is less rain to make things slick, and there is no snow or ice to make roofs treacherous for workers. Summer provides a pleasant environment that will allow your contractor to proceed without hindrances from harsh conditions that are often present during other seasons.

More employee availability

In order to complete your project, builders need workers. During the summer, students are available and are looking for extra work. This makes it easier for construction companies to hire workers, so they can get your project done more quickly and efficiently.

Reap the benefits

Since 1980, Jim Cope Construction LLC has been delivering quality construction services to homeowners throughout the area. To start reaping the benefits of building homes during the summer, contact our team. We’ll work with you to get your project done right the first time—in a timely manner and within your budget. Reach our experts today at 303-385-3262.

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