Types of Outbuildings for Your Custom-Built Home

You’ve got your beautiful home, you’ve got a little space out back and you’re thinking of expanding. Now what? If you’ve thought about outbuilding construction in Brighton, CO, make sure that you discuss your options with a professional contractor. They can help you realize your dreams—and perhaps even improve them.

Not sure what you want to do with your space, but just know you have plenty of it? Here are some of the custom outbuildings that our clients love:

  • Barn or tool shed: Depending on where you live and whether you keep livestock, a barn or a tool shed can be a great addition to your home. House your chickens for the winter or work on your DIY projects when you add a shed to your property.
  • Garage: Your cars are your babies, so why are you letting them sit out in the elements? Maybe you’re restoring a vintage car or want to keep the rain and dust off your existing one. Either way, a great garage makes a huge difference when you’re taking care of a car.
  • Gazebo: Living in Colorado means there’s potential for gorgeous weather and views. Have you considered adding a gazebo to your home? If you’re an avid plant-lover, it gives you some room to add climbing vines, and either way your gazebo will provide shade. Enjoy life outdoors with a gazebo of your own.
  • Greenhouse: Speaking of plants, greenhouses are a plant lover’s dream. You’ll be able to raise your own plants for food as well as delicate flowers that don’t always thrive in Colorado’s occasionally severe climate. Want orchids? No problem—at least when you have your own custom outbuilding. Even if you’re not a plant-lover, having a greenhouse or solarium can provide some “outdoor” enjoyment even when the temperatures are cold. Some people even install them above their pools for year-round swimming opportunities.
  • Guest house: Got a lot of people coming into town—and don’t necessarily want to have them up in your space? Build a guest house for your family and friends. It’s like a tiny house, but on your property. The only problem will be getting them to leave!
  • Workshop: Finally, building your own workshop is a popular outbuilding choice here in Colorado. Our clients love making sure that there’s a specific space for their DIY projects, car repairs and more. If you’re handy, crafty or otherwise need a space for your skills, consider building a workshop on your property. It has the added bonus of keeping your activities as quiet as possible—which is great news when your partner is tired of hearing metal grind for hours at a time.

Are you interested in the types of outbuildings that Jim Cope Construction LLC can build on your land? Not sure what you want, but know you want something? We can help with outbuilding and garage construction in Brighton, CO. We’re experienced in working with clients to create the homes—and outbuildings—of their dreams. Call us today to learn more.

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