When to Hire a General Contractor

In our line of work, we run into plenty of DIY devotees, and a lot of them are excellent at what they do. They can put in a deck or build a barbecue pit with the best of them, and have fun doing so. However, there are some projects you should just leave to the professionals. Large remodels and new construction projects can be far more unwieldy and complex than any project you’ve ever worked on, and you shouldn’t underestimate their difficulty.

If you’re having trouble deciding about whether to work with the pros or attempt a DIY job, here are a few different signs you should consider hiring a general contractor in Brighton, CO.

Do you have the expertise to go it alone?

This is really the big one, and it’s not just limited to your construction skills. You might be the handiest person around, but major construction can be a very different animal. Really think about whether you know how to rewire an entire part of the house, or how to put in a new sewer line. You can hire individual contractors to help with these tasks, but that can be unwieldy to coordinate on your own. A general contractor in Brighton, CO gives you a project management ally to navigate these relationships.

They also know about local permits and regulations—unpermitted work can be unstable and even dangerous. A general contractor will make sure everything is being done legally and safely.

How many subcontractors will you need?

If you’re working on a multi-faceted project, then you’ll likely need to enlist the help of several pros in different trades. A kitchen remodel can require a plumber, a carpenter, a mason, a pipefitter and an electrician—and that’s just for starters. If you handle the project yourself, that means you’ll be responsible for gathering estimates for all of these disciplines, comparing quotes and hiring them. Working with a general contractor in Brighton, CO allows you to take advantage of their standing relationships with trusted craftsmen in all trades—they can easily enlist qualified and experienced professionals to work on your project.

How long will the project take?

A good general rule of thumb is that if you believe a project will take a week or more to complete, then you probably need a remodeling contractor in Brighton, CO. This timeframe suggests a project that’s going to be too complex for one person to handle. Also, if a project is looking like it’ll take that long, delays might extend from hours into days, which leaves your bathroom or kitchen out of commission for even longer. Look into working with a professional general contractor who knows how to stick to a schedule and a budget and finish up the project in a timely and efficient manner.

A general contractor gives you a skilled project manager and a construction guru all in one package. They can keep your projects on track and help you to realize your vision for your remodeled home. If you’re thinking about your next project, give Jim Cope Construction LLC a call—we look forward to talking about how we can help achieve your goals!

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