Top Remodeling Ideas to Increase Home Value

Trying to sell your home can be stressful. You want to do what you can to increase your home value, but you don’t want to sink a lot of money into a place you know you’re about to move out of. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to increase home value without breaking the bank. Here are some important home remodeling tips that will boost your Brighton, CO home’s value without emptying your savings account.

Curb appeal

The first impression anyone will get of the home you are trying to sell is the exterior. That includes landscaping design as well as external repairs. Obviously, any visible damage to your home’s exterior should be repaired, but you should also make sure your landscaping is not in disarray. While the time when you’re preparing to sell your home is definitely not the time to invest a large sum of money in expensive landscaping, spending some time and energy making sure your yard looks nice can really affect how much people are willing to spend on your home.

Update kitchens and bathrooms

There are smart ways you can improve the look and quality of your bathrooms and kitchens, increasing home value in Brighton, CO without spending so much that it’s not worth it. A simple home remodeling tip for those hoping to sell is to start with affordable changes that have a big impact. A coat of paint can do wonders to make a space feel new and fresh, especially if you have dated wallpaper or paint colors. Think about minor cosmetic changes like paint color, and start there.

You can also find inexpensive appliances to give your home a boost of brand-new quality without spending too much. Whatever you do, don’t drop a ton of money on costly, high-end appliances before trying to sell your home, since you will rarely make that money back.

Add a home office

If your kitchen and bathrooms are in good repair and look modern, another home remodeling tip for sellers is to create a home office. With so many people working remotely these days, a home office can be a huge selling point. Increasing home value with an office space could be as easy as redesigning a spare bedroom, or you can add features like additional grounded outlets and data ports.

Invest in more usable outdoor spaces

While you should never consider building additions to a home you’re hoping to sell, you should consider building outdoor spaces that can increase home value. If you build a deck, you are likely to make back any money spent on it when you sell your home.

Don’t wait to increase the value of your home

If you are hoping to sell in the Brighton, CO area and want to increase your home value, contact the experts at Jim Cope Construction LLC. As a general contractor with more than 40 years of experience, we can help you get a better price on for home by building you a deck, renovating an outdated bathroom or kitchen and more. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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