How a Bathroom Remodel Can Increase Your Home Value

The number and quality of your home’s bathrooms will have a significant impact on the value of your home. If you’re preparing to sell your home and looking to increase the price for which you’re able to list it, renovating an existing space or adding a new bathroom in Brighton, CO can be a high-ROI project to take on to help you get more money in the sale.

Here’s a quick overview of how you can increase your home value with a bathroom project.

Bathroom remodels

People searching for a home will be paying particular attention to the quality of the bathrooms and kitchen. If these appear outdated and need some renovations, they may be hesitant to buy. Therefore, you should consider some of the practical ways you can update the bathroom.

Your first priority should be the basics—everything should function properly. You should repair any leaks or signs of damage. All functional components should be addressed before you focus on any cosmetic upgrades. This means paying attention to plumbing and electrical infrastructure and any other structural elements first. You may consider changing the layout, or taking steps to increase the amount of space you have.

Some of the most common upgrades people make to existing bathrooms include adding new flooring and tile, painting the walls, putting in new sinks and vanities, putting in new showers or tubs, adding a new toilet, putting in eco-friendly appliances, improving storage, changing out lighting fixtures for LED lighting and adding in a variety of luxury amenities that can make the bathroom more appealing to a potential buyer.

The price you can expect to pay to update an existing bathroom will vary widely—the more work you do on changing the structure and layout of the room, the more expensive it will be. The average is just under $18,000, but if you’re going with a very basic remodel, you can get away with paying significantly less. The good news is that you should be able to recoup most of the costs.

Adding a new bathroom

Adding a new bathroom can be a great way to massively increase the value of your home, especially if you only have one bathroom on the property or do not have a master suite. Adding on a completely new bathroom is a much more complex (and thus more expensive) project that will require the work of some specialized experts, but it can be very worthwhile if you’re looking to sell your home.

Many home buyers are reluctant to purchase a home with only one bathroom, so if you have extra space somewhere in your home, this can be a project that will give you a very good return on investment. If you do not have room in the current footprint of your house, this may involve putting on an addition, which may or may not be feasible depending on your property.

If you’re interested in learning more about how an addition or a bathroom remodel can improve your home value in Brighton, CO, contact the team at Jim Cope Construction LLC today.

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