What Are the Top Remodeling Trends for 2021?

Trends in the world of home remodeling in Brighton, CO are constantly changing and evolving. If you know a little bit about interior design, you can walk into a home that was designed and built in the 1960s and pick that out immediately. The same is true for just about any decade.

So, what are some of the trends that are big in the world of interior renovation and remodeling right now that will exemplify the early 2020s in the future? Here are just a few examples of some of the biggest home remodeling trends you can expect to influence design over the course of the next year.

Environmentally-friendly work

People have become more environmentally conscious than ever before, so you can expect to see more eco-friendly options with regard to windows, fixtures, appliances and more. Whenever you’re remodeling a space, you should carefully consider any opportunities you have to cut long-term energy costs through energy-efficient options.

Statement pieces

It’s become more popular for people to focus on creating neutral looks for most of the room while adding a statement piece to create contrast. It could be an accent wall, a big, bold piece of wall art, a certain piece of furniture or something else that really draws the eyes and jumps out from the rest of the décor in the space. Statement pieces tend to have bold colors or designs that contrast with the understated nature of the rest of the room.

Big windows

Larger windows are starting to become a more popular design trend for people remodeling their homes. They’re popular because they allow much more natural light to enter a house, making spaces look bigger than they actually are. It’s important to make sure you’re still able to have good insulation in these windows so you can keep air and heat transfer to a minimum.

Minimalist designs

Minimalism is another style of design that’s become more popular recently. While it’s been used by homeowners for many years, the minimalism of 2020 and 2021 is a bit different. First, start by eliminating items that are unnecessary, including extra pieces of furniture or appliances that you don’t use, that are damaged or that simply take up too much space. Next, find more opportunities for versatile pieces, and for simple, clean-looking cabinets and shelving. Find areas where you can store items (particularly valuables) out of sight to eliminate clutter.

It takes some ongoing care and maintenance to keep up a minimalist design, because clutter can build up in a hurry. But if you’re able to pull it off, it will provide you with a great look.

Cabinet tones

Two-tone cabinets are starting to become more popular. While monochrome will always be a common choice, expect to see more two-tone designs coming in 2021. This involves painting cabinets in one area a different color than the cabinets in another. This will help you create more visually interesting spaces.

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