Who to Hire for Your Kitchen Remodel

When you decide to take the plunge and remodel your kitchen, finding the right general contractor, designer or architect in Brighton, CO is the key to success. You need a contractor who understands what you need and can deliver it in the timeframe and at the price point you want. That means you’ll need to do a lot of research and interview several contractors, architects or kitchen designers before committing to one (or more). Here’s how to decide which kind of professional to hire.

General contractors

General contractors oversee the construction in your kitchen, and many work alongside architects and kitchen designers for the best results possible. Anytime you’ll need to change the structure of your home, need to hire other contractors (such as plumbers and electricians) or are doing work that requires a building permit, you’ll need a general contractor.

Not only do general contractors oversee the construction, but they’re typically able to connect you with other professional specialists. Since they frequently work alongside designers, architects, plumbers, electricians and masons, they’re a good source of information about who is reliable and offers excellent results.

Good contractors will work with you to visualize your dream kitchen, then help you set a realistic budget for the project. They’re able to take the lead on acquiring a building permit, and will help you select the best materials and fixtures for your budget. Unless you’re a construction professional yourself, you should hire a general contractor.


Whether you need an architect depends on whether you’re changing the dimensions or structure of your kitchen. Architects can evaluate your home and help draw up plans that work for your building. Many of them are involved through the planning stage, then leave the rest of the work to your contractor. However, some will stay on to help oversee the process, including helping you select a general contractor.

You might not need an architect for every project, but they can help ensure that you get the most out of your space in a safe and structurally sound way.

Kitchen designers

Finally, you might consider hiring a kitchen designer, or work with a general contractor who employs one. These professionals will work with you to find a kitchen configuration that works with the way you use the room, then they draw up a plan that features your preferred design choices.

If you want an efficient layout, working with a kitchen designer is a great idea. They’ll evaluate all the different uses and features of your kitchen, then work to make sure the design works with your goals. They’ll design with comfort, safety and aesthetics in mind, guaranteeing a setup that works for the way you use your kitchen. Make sure you tell your kitchen designer all about the current features you love and hate, so they can improve or enhance them.

When you’re ready to get started on your kitchen remodel in Brighton, CO, get in touch with Jim Cope Construction LLC. We’d love to schedule a consultation to discuss your project!

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