What to Consider in a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

Your kitchen and your bathroom are two rooms you likely use every single day. The look and feel of your kitchen and bathroom contribute a lot to the overall feel of your home. And that’s without even factoring in how well they function.

If you’re considering a bathroom or kitchen remodel in Brighton, CO, there are several things you should take into account. Here they are in no particular order.


Whether you’re electing to remodel your kitchen or your bathroom, it would be wise to have a budget in mind. Most construction companies will give you a free estimate if you call to schedule one. How important you want the cost to be will inform many of the other decisions you’ll make regarding your remodel.

Layout and space

Depending on the size of the space you’re working with, this could drastically affect the cost of your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. In addition to that, you might use a remodel as a way to redesign a room in your house. You might choose to knock out a wall and go with a more open floor concept for your kitchen or expand or move some things around in your bathroom.

Your future in your home

While it’s impossible to see into the future, it doesn’t hurt to try. If the home you’re currently living in is your “forever” home, and you never intend on moving out of it, then your design choices should be closely tailored to what you personally like. If you see yourself moving out in a couple of years, you might want to do some research on what features increase resale value. That doesn’t mean you should only use fixtures, appliances, surfaces and patterns that appeal to today’s buyers, but having that knowledge could allow you to implement features that both you and prospective buyers would like.

Your lifestyle

This consideration could complement the one above regarding seeing into the future. If you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you should consider everyone who lives in your house, including children, senior citizens and pets. Maybe you don’t have children yet, but are planning to, or already have a few children and are planning to have more. Maybe you or your spouse have parents who are growing older and might eventually have trouble living on their own, and at some point, they might move in with you.

These considerations may mean that you want a shower equipped with a bathtub if you’re planning to start a family, or that you might want to skip the marble floors for your kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling because they can become slippery and pose a health hazard for seniors. These are things you should think about when considering a remodeling project.

Call to schedule an estimate today

One of the most important steps in a remodeling project is finding a contractor you can trust. When it comes to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, we at Jim Cope Construction LLC in Brighton, CO are the experts. We perform all our builds with integrity at a reasonable price and at a superior quality that could only be achieved through many years of experience. We want to help you craft your dream home—contact us today to arrange a consultation!

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