Permits Are a Contractor’s Responsibility

Did you know that you have to get building permits for a home remodeling project in Brighton, CO? Many homeowners don’t realize that they need to do so, even when they’re working on their own home. When you hire a contractor, pulling permits on a construction project is the contractor’s responsibility.

Why contractors should pull permits

It’s important that your permits are pulled by contractors. Not only do they know which ones you’ll need, but they’re also used to dealing with planning departments. This is a vital part of the service you should receive when working with a contractor. Here’s why:

  • Your permit requirements vary from project to project: Depending on what you’re renovating or building, you will probably need multiple building permits. For example, most projects will require building, air conditioning, plumbing, heating and electric permits. Some locations require additional permits, like septic systems, driveways and fireplaces. It’s your contractor’s job to know which permits you need for the project, and which you don’t. Minor repairs, like switching fixtures, does not require specific permits, but changing hot water tanks or adding circuit panels does.
  • Permits have time limits: Permits come with built-in time limits, and if construction continues past that date, you’ll need to get a renewal. This should be your contractor’s job, since it’s their duty to keep everyone on schedule. If you miss a permit renewal and the city or county finds out, you may have to remove the completed work and redo it.
  • Permit costs should be included in your bid: Permits cost money, and they should be included in the project bid. Make sure to ask the contractor if their bid includes permit costs, and which they expect to need. If you’re the one pulling permits, you will be responsible for that cost.
  • Contractors need to have permits under their own names: There are two more main reasons why you should have contractors pull the permits. First, when a contractor pulls a permit, they’re basically verifying that they’re the ones who’ll be doing the work. Legitimate contractors and subcontractors pull their own permits because they want to take credit and responsibility for the work they do. If you’re the person pulling the permits, you assume responsibility for their work. That means if there’s an issue with the construction later on, any fees, fines and rebuilding costs will be solely on you. Don’t risk the liability—let your contractors pull the permits.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons not to pull your own permits—unless the laws in your specific municipality require you to do so. Be sure to do your own research about building permits so you’ll know what to expect when you call contractors for a bid. The more you know, the less likely you’ll be to make expensive mistakes.

Jim Cope Construction LLC is experienced at pulling permits on construction projects in Brighton, CO. Call us today to learn more about our process, and get a quote on your next building project.

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